I am Nun (part 4)

End of flashback. As I came back to the present, I was jolted by a loud noise. It sounded like a large hurricane was heading our way. I had already tapped Hoshea to wake him up before I realized that I couldn’t feel the wind at all, I could only hear it. I turned to Hoshea, who had already woken up, and with a tacit nod of agreement, we stood up carefully and began to move toward the source of the noise, in the direction of the Sea of Reeds. It was a mystery as to how so many people … Continue reading I am Nun (part 4)

I am Nun (part 3)

So, the plagues upon the Egyptians continued. During the time of the thunderstorm of hail and fire, we could hear the sounds from our homes, and we could see the smoke on the horizon, rising from burnt houses and farms. Cries and shouts could be vaguely heard, while we were warm and cozy at home.The swarm of locusts that came afterwards was totally unexpected. I was seriously vacillating from amusement to shock as I imagined the carnage. Aharon, who’s always up-to-date on everything happening throughout the land, said everywhere outside of Goshen was a mess. In addition to the destruction … Continue reading I am Nun (part 3)

I am Nun (part 2)

I had never met Moses, but he was sort of a legend in Goshen. Born to the house of Amram from the tribe of Levi during the time of Pharaoh’s decree to kill any newborn male child, it was a wonder how he survived. I sincerely admired Amram and Jochebed’s courage. It must have taken a lot to keep him hidden for those months. I remember thinking they had made a sad but correct decision when I heard they decided to take him to the river. I thought they had decided to end it, but apparently, they had hit on … Continue reading I am Nun (part 2)